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Greetings, Pathfinders!

The Stolen Lands beckon!

Just south of the nation of Brevoy lies a 33,000 square mile no-man’s land of bandits, ruins, mysteries and monsters. It’s a land of great danger and untamed savagery, but also great potential- if only someone has the will and the steel to claim it! How will your group fare in the struggles for these Stolen lands?

Character Creation


First time using the GM side of Obsidian Portal, so let’s start with some basics for the game.

One of my favorite parts of any game is exploration- and that’s something I really hope to emphasize with the Kingmaker game- a sense of exploration, discovery, and the feeling that your group are the masters of their own destiny. I highly recommend going over the Kingmaker player’s guide .pdf that Paizo has to get a feel for the style of the game and what kind of characters will work.


Pathfinder itself is a revised version of the D&D 3.5 rule set- some have referred to it as 3.75. If you’ve played 3.5 you’ll find the mechanics very familiar, although many of the mechanics, spells and classes have been rebalanced.

Player’s who want to purchase the books should start with the Pathfinder core book, which provides all the rules anyone should need to play. The Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat may also be good books to look into if you find character options that are attractive from these sources. All are readily available from game stores, however its worth noting that Paizo sells updated .pdfs of the books on their website at a very reasonable price.

The Pathfinder SRD is also a great tool, and will likely be employed by all players at one time or another. Essentially a version of the Compendium, you can lookup nearly anything for Pathfinder here, and it contains nearly all of the crunchy bits from the books- for free.

There are also some pretty nice apps on Ios supporting Pathfinder. I’ll post some specific ones later, but I’ve found the Apps for tracking spell use and for easy summoned monster reference are a huge help for spell casting classes especially.

More to come soon!

Main Page

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